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Welcome to the Peikulam Leprosarium

    Shaken to the core at the alarming incidence of leprosy, late Dr.R.Vedabodakam, one of the first ‘non-white’ missionary doctors of the deep South India and the then Medical Superintendent of St. Luke’s Hospital, Nazareth, founded the Peikulam Leprosy Clinic in 1954, under a tree by the road-side. Today it has grown into a ‘solid’ hospital equipped with modern facilities and staffed by specially trained personnel.   

   Thanks to the The Leprosy Mission, our single largest supporter  and the Uniting Protestant Churches in Netherland (UPCN) who funds The Leprosy Mission to help Peikulam, we are able to  meet 25% of our annual budget. The remaining 75% has to be met by St. Luke’s own fund-raising effort. - More details    About Own Fund Raising 

Patient Support Programs

Children's Home

Spoon to the rescue of this patient who has lost most of the  fingers due to the ravages of leprosy.

“I was hungry, you gave me food”, “I was naked and you gave me clothing", "I was sick and you looked after me"

"Whatsoever you have done unto one of the least of My little brethren, you have done it unto Myself”


     When a husband discovers that his wife is a ‘leper’, almost invariably he abandons not only his 'leper-wife' but also their children who are his children as much as they are hers. These unfortunate kids often become beggars and at times lepers as well - a tragedy beyond words.

    We help these children blossom into productive citizens by providing them a home, food, school and college education.

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Photo Album

Visitor's Testimonies

Rehabilitated woman earns her own living by learning new skills

Please take time to see more of our patients and the unique problems they face with daily activities that we take for granted and how they are overcome.

We get a significant number of national & international donors who visit us regularly and spend some time with the patients and the children they sponsor. A few of them shared their experiences with us - More details

Ruth Barber (UK)-20.05.06  

I had the most touching and emotional moment of my life when I saw the children that I had sponsored smile and play - Read Full Testimony

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